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How to prevent corrosion?

What is phosphatization?

Iron Phosphate and its Applications

Zinc Phosphate and its Applications

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Manganese Phosphate and its Applications

Aluminium Chromate and its Applications



How to prevent corrosion?
On the surfaces prepared by surface treatment chemicals, the adhesion of paint and the endurance against corrosion increase.
 The choice of the chemical which will be applied on metal surfaces and the appropriate methods of use not only increase the efficiency of all types of powder and wet paint coats but also provide the products to be appropriate to any test criteria.
 No matter how good the applied paint system is, long lasting protection of the paint should not be expected if the impurities (such as lubricant, rust, grease, oxide layer and etc.) are not cleaned completely and a good contact between paint and surface is not ensured.

Why to apply degreaser?
Degreasing application is the first and the most important application bath in surface preparation processes. There are protective mineral lubricants on metals which are used to hinder the reaction with oxygen in the air. These lubricants hinder the contact with the oxygen in the air so that they prevent the corrosion. These lubricants are various. They prevent phosphatizing and chromizing applications on surface preparation. For this reason, the material should be cleared of lubricant, stain and rust.