The brand 'n plus' was brought into action under the name of Artı Chemicals, Machines & Consultancy Industry Trade Limited Company. Our content of profession is to prepare the metal against corrosion before painting and covering and accordingly, we aim to provide the appropriate product and information for chemical supply, service and consultancy to our customers.

Our Mission is to provide our customers, who make paint and cover applications, the endurance of their products against corrosion and also to ensure advantage in rivalry for our customers by our maximum efficiency policy on-site.

Our vision is to analyse properly the changing dinamics along with developing technology and varying needs in a continuously growing market and to create positive values to our costumers in process of their branding.

Boutique Service; even the two institutions which make the same applications and same business differ from each other in their employees, standards and expectations. A well done analysis , sometimes even an analysis which goes deeply into the capability of the individual who uses the chemical may require the chemical prepared according to that circumstances. We are ready to serve you in that sense, as well.

Magical Word; Team work
Team spirit is an indispensable element in terms of heading to the solution. We, as a company, would like to be the part of your team in solving your problems and to create synergy with you in realizing your strategic targets.

The brand 'n plus' has not aimed to be a company with just a focus on products. From the very beginning, as being service oriented, we aim the maximum efficiency from the choice of the distributor compatible with the mission of our brand to the process of the on-site training and supervisions.

We are aware

Our market experience indicated us all that knowledge is not only a power but also a dangerous gun caused by the mistakes which are accepted as truths about such facts as work burden and time losses for our customers. We are aware of this and at this point we are ready to collaborate with you all the time.

We hope to walk on the same path together with the excitement of being a developing and learning organisation.

Artı Chemistry Machine & Consultancy Industry Trade Limited Company